Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DryBlok?

The DryBlok is a natural mineral product that will help you dry out your hands when you need it most. Simply wet your hands, rub the DryBlok on them, and then let them dry! After use DryBlok recommends applying some moisturizer. (Your hands will thank you!)

How long does it last?

DryBlok lasts forever! Just kidding, but we haven't seen one fully used yet. Because DryBlok is a crystal, rubbing it on your hands deposits a tiny layer of the crystal and so doesn't use up a ton of the product! Our best guess is 2 years with regular use.

Who should use a DryBlok?

A DryBlok is recommended for any sport or activity where sweaty hands might impede performance. Climbing, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Racketsports, and Gaming are just a few of the activities where DryBlok can be used.

What is DryBlok made of?

The DryBlok is made of  a commonly occurring mineral called potassium aluminum sulfate. This mineral has been used for thousands of years as a natural deodorant, and aftershave. DryBlok owner Morgan Andreychuk first used this substance as an aftershave to reduce razorburn. After trying it specifically on his hands he noticed his chalk lasted much longer while bouldering. Once he confirmed that it worked for some fellow climbers he decided to let everyone know about it!

DryBlok works for many people, but if you notice any irritation, stop use immediately and wash your hands thoroughly!