DryBlok Ambassadors

DryBlok Ambassador Program

What the Ambassador Program is:

Our Ambassador Program is a system where you get rewarded for recommending our product to people that you think will enjoy it. It make sure that DryBlok gets into the hands of people that need it the most, and gives you a cut of the sale as our way of saying thanks.

Who can Apply to be an ambassador:

Anyone can apply to be an ambassador. Whether you are a gigantic instagram page with 829176151236 esports fans as followers, or your Grandma (who has sweaty hands from sending routes harder than you) is your number one follower on Facebook. The key here is that we are looking for people with a relevant audience that is a good fit

How to Apply to become an Ambassador:

If you think that you know people that need a DryBlok in their hands you can apply for our ambassador program by filling out the form below. Please include any relevant social media accounts that you would like us to look at! We offer great rewards for people that can point traffic in our direction.