Where it all began!

Where it all Began

Hi there,

I'm Morgan and I created the DryBlok.

Many people ask me where I came up with the idea for the DryBlok so with this blog post I will lay it all out for you.

DryBlok started on my face.

You see, when I was going to engineering school I decided I wanted to try and be cool and learn how to shave with a straight razor. Regular ones never impressed me that much, beard trimmers didn't go close enough, and I had heard bad things about the expensive electric ones that you see advertised everywhere.

So may as well go for the tried and true in the form of a straight razor right? 

Turns out my choice was well worth it. I hadn't had a shave this close ever in my life! That came with one caveat. 


Holy moly was it bad. I looked high and low for a product to cure it and came across an alum block. Turns out many people use alum as a natural deodorant and aftershave. I decided to try one out and it was the exact solution I needed. It closed my pores after shaving, and kept the razorburn away.

Climbing was the first DryBlok test.

Fast forward a year or two and I had started to boulder at Beyond the Crux Climbing Gym. (http://www.beyondthecrux.info) The more I went the better I got, and the better I got, the more I wished that my chalk would last longer.

One day on the way to the gym I noticed my alum block for shaving and decided to bring it with me. If it could close the pores on my face, maybe it could close them on my hands too right?


With the use of alum, I found that I didn't need to chalk up as often, letting me climb more and leaving me with fewer mid-crux chalk top-ups. I've used it ever since.

Maybe others will want to use DryBlok!

Fast forward another couple of years and I finally have the brainwave that maybe other people would like a solution to this problem as well. So that is where the brand came in to play. I came up with a name and logo, and started talking with more people that might find it useful. Most people are finding similar amounts of success with it, which encouraged me to pursue it further.

I sourced a supplier for the blocks and found a case that I thought would be super useful for climbers and other athletes. The plastic stays firmly shut, keeping the DryBlok protected from any drops or falls, making it easy to throw in to any bag.

In short, that's how we wound up here. I hope that DryBlok continues to grow and help people with clammy hand problems the world over.



Morgan Andreychuk

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