Sweaty Hands are Annoying

Sweaty Hands are Annoying.

DryBlok can help.

What is the issue with sweaty hands?

Sweaty hands can strike at any time. Whether you're presenting an idea to your boss, trying to beat the final boss, or even trying to be a total boss while climbing. They can slow you down and distract you in more ways than one.

Not everyone gets sweaty hands, but when you do it is something that cannot be avoided. 

Until now. 


How does DryBlok work?

DryBlok stops sweaty hands by keeping your pores from letting the sweat out to begin with. Made with 100% Potassium Alum DryBlok works by blocking the pores in your hands when it is applied. Because a DryBlok is made of a single hard crystal, very little breaks off when you apply it to your hands. This action makes the block last plenty long with regular use.

Who is DryBlok for?

DryBlok is for anyone who wants a little bit of control over how and when they sweat.

The list of people who have found help from a DryBlok include (but not limited to):

  • Climbers
  • Gamers
  • Tennis players
  • Typists
  • BMXers
  • Mountain Bikers
We could sit here typing for at least a few more seconds, but you get the point. If you have sweaty hands DryBlok is for you.

What causes sweaty hands?

Everyone(almost) sweats. Our bodies sweat using special glands in our skin to excrete water so that it can evaporate in and regulate our temperature. That's the simple part.

Some people sweat a little, some sweat a lot. Most people get some more sweat going on when they are exerting themselves, and some sweat when they talk in public. We aren't going to pretend to be doctors here, but whatever your reason for wanting to control your sweat we think we can help. If you suffer from extremely sweaty hands (dripping) you may want to talk to your doctor, but for everyone else who would just like some more control over when they sweat, DryBlok is for you.

Not everyone who uses our product has severe hyperhidrosis, but it always helps to understand the issues that may be affecting you. There are two different types of Hyperhidrosis, Primary and secondary. We can get a little more understanding from WebMD:

"If your sweat glands had an “on” switch, the glands of someone with primary hyperhidrosis would always be flipped up. People with primary hyperhidrosis generally sweat from a certain type of sweat gland called eccrine sweat glands. These sweat glands make up the majority of the 2-4 million sweat glands in your body. Eccrine sweat glands are particularly numerous on the feet, palms, face, and armpits.
When your body is overheated, when you’re moving around, when you’re feeling emotional, or as a result of hormones, then nerves activate the sweat glands. When those nerves overreact, it causes hyperhidrosis. For instance, someone may only need to think of a situation that causes anxiety in order to break out in a profuse sweat.
Sweating from secondary hyperhidrosis is different from primary hyperhidrosis in that it tends to happen all over or in one general area instead of on the hands, underarms, face, or feet. Unlike primary hyperhidrosis, this type is more likely to cause sweating during sleep." - WebMD
We encourage you to visit your doctor if you are worried about how much you are sweating, we certainly aren't doctors. If your case is extreme, there are more intensive treatments and surgeries that are available to take care of the problem for good. 


Everyone sweats, some sweat a little, some sweat a lot.For everyone who might just be looking for some more control or an edge for their everyday hobbies and sports there is a DryBlok waiting for you right over HERE.

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  • Karim Barsoum

    Weightlifter and gamer here. Tried this product and it works great! I even used it for an interview, because I was nervous walking in and didn’t want my palms to sweat.

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